Deflating Myths About Innovation

10/11/2016 — Most consumer goods companies have traditional R&D organizations that are driven by marketing and operations and completely focused on new product innovation. Yet, the word innovation has become more of a charter or strategic goal as companies strive to innovate in process areas across the business, even challenging fundamental business models. This month’s Straight Talk takes a look at how innovation can lead to success beyond product extensions and how new thinking can disrupt the status quo.


Trade Promotion Solution Adoption

11/30/2016 - In this first-of-its-kind guide, leading consumer goods executives and key technology providers present best practices for the successful adoption of trade promotion management systems and processes within the organization. Download Now >>

2016 Tech Trends Report

10/11/2016 - Rapidly changing consumer behaviors, fueled by an increased use of technology and expanding shopping options within a slow growth environment, are forcing consumer goods companies to hone in on growth and consumers. CGT partners with Gartner to provide insights to help understand the industry’s latest survey data. Download Now >>


2016 Product Information Management Solutions

9/13/2016 - CGT presents its inaugural listing of solutions that help to manage detailed product content within the consumer goods industry. Plus, experts discuss how critical it is to share consistent product information in an omnichannel landscape. Download Now >>

Refining Supply Chain from Planning to Execution

3/15/2016 - Supply chain experts draw from their experience to address the current challenges and trends in the supply chain management landscape, from supply chain planning, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, etc., to supply chain execution, including logistics, warehouse management, etc. Download Now >>

2016 Data & Analytics Solutions

2/26/2016 - Executives realize now more than ever the data and insights are the means, not the ends. Find out how to navigate through the endless piles of big data to discover the best business opportunities and actions to take to turn data into measurable results. Download Now >>