Crayola Launches Animated Characters

— 11/30/2016

The holiday season is synonymous with characters – Jack Frost, Saint Nick and Rudolph to name a few – and this winter, Crayola is adding its own cast of characters into the mix for the first time in its 113 year history: Scarlet, Denim "Denny," Asparagus "Gus" and Goldenrod  "Rod". 

According to the company, the four animated characters, each with a unique and distinct personality, are strongly rooted in Crayola's color equity and heritage and will engage consumers to connect with personality traits that are both relatable and fun, ranging from confident to nervous, sassy to goofy.   

  • Scarlet: Scarlet is sassy and confident. She doesn't hold back her strong personality, and she values her friends.
  • Denim "Denny": Denny's extremely confident demeanor easily sets him apart from the crowd. A natural-born leader, he's athletic and self-assured, yet likeable.
  • Asparagus "Gus": Gus is the goofball and joker of the group. When he gets into something, he goes all out, which is how he may have gotten his chipped tooth. His expressive eyes reflect his unbridled enthusiasm.
  • Goldenrod "Rod": Rod's thick red glasses magnify the nervousness in his eyes, and complement his timid and cautious personality.
The animated Crayola Characters made their grand debut to consumers in a TV commercial on Monday, November 14, and consumers can expect to build long-term relationships with these and future characters in coming years. They will live in ongoing brand communications and promotions, on product packaging and make appearances on retail displays. The characters will also elevate the already existing creative experiences that are synonymous with the Crayola brand at the Crayola Experience retail destinations.


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