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In Search of the Endless Aisle

11/11/2016 - Did you know that 82 percent of consumers that own a smartphone use it in the store to help make a purchase decision? Walmart and Dr Pepper Snapple Group confronted the reality of this new age of shopping with a hard look at their product content strategies. Both saw that serving a changing consumer would not only require new people, processes and technologies, but also a new level of partnership and coordination.

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Get Connected

11/11/2016 - CGT Executive Editor Kara Romanow gives you a sneak peek into the trends and topics discussed in this month's issue.

Best Practices: Sales and Marketing:

American Beverage Marketers Goes with the Flow

11/11/2016 - ABM was measuring store-level retail execution and sales performance by manually collecting data — making the process time-consuming, inefficient and tough to scale. Here’s a look at how the company ensured the data collected was not only accurate and consistent, but also aligned with best practice standards.

Honest Tea Goes Beyond the Brand

11/11/2016 - Find out how Honest Tea’s social media following skyrocketed after the launch of its first-ever social sweepstakes.

Lucky Brand Starts with a Clean Slate

11/11/2016 - It's rare that an established brand has the opportunity to start with a clean slate on which to build its IT, but that's just what happened for Lucky Brand.

Between the Lines:

The Sales Force Imperative: Using tech to Improve ROI

11/11/2016 - In many cases, the focus is now on improving returns from one of the industry’s most valuable assets: The sales force. We asked StayinFront’s Sam Barclay to explain how companies are using a number of performance management strategies and tools to do just that.


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