What Attendees Say

The CGSM conference was a valuable experience to me as a recent hire just beginning to work in TPM as I was exposed to many relevant topics throughout the three days. It was also evident that experienced attendees' attentions were held by the speakers and content.
Senior Analyst Business Associate, Pfizer

The CGT Sales & Marketing Summit is an excellent forum to connect with peers and solution providers to gain a better understanding of: •what others are doing (succeeding with or struggling with) •what new ideas/technologies are emerging. The Summit also provides an opportunity for me to reflect on my projects and consider if others are doing something similar that can provide learnings and perspective.
Retail Solutions Process Expert, Mondelez International

Outside of a few companies, most everyone is trying to figure out the best way to engage and capture consumers with the emergence of the digital world as well as how to leverage insights and data from a digital standpoint. Understanding the market shift over the course of the years from manufacturing focused, to retailer focused, and now consumer focused.

How ecommerce is evolving and how companies need to align their marketing teams and strategy to how the industry is shifting today.

The effect of scarcity on the shelf causing shoppers to desire the product. This got me thinking about how my company might want to approach "planned scarcity" for items that need a boost in sales.

Customer insights coming across all channels need to be mined and consolidated quickly and strategically; continued customer engagement across full life cycle needs to be managed efficiently.

Learning digital experiences from other CG companies

Changing ecommerce landscape - organizational design impact on ability to effectively execute in ecommerce

Challenge of the amount of data we will have in the next 5 years and need to prepare now We need to focus on trade analytics to gain insights that turn into actions.

We are not the only company dealing with some issues!